We Know How To Sell Your House

The first step in selling your house is running a preliminary evaluation based on comparable homes in your area. Use the free app below to calculate value, based on actual tax records. Courtesy of “Your Home Team Pros”, David & Cecilia.


In today's real estate market transactions typically exceed $200,000, and are usually the largest financial investments in your lifetime. You are best served by having a Realtor that has time for your listing. You also want someone who COMMUNICATES with you.  We make sure we have time to successfully market, and sell, your most valued asset.  We also COMMUNICATE WITH YOU every step of the way.


If you are selling, we provide a comprehensive analysis of the current For Sale listings to help you price your home properly, and we develop a marketing plan designed to help you get the highest possible contract price in the shortest possible time frame. We actively promote each listing.


Are you by chance considering a cash offer that you have received for your home? You will want to do yourself a favor and let us provide a solution that often means more money in your pocket.  Take a look at our alternative approach to a cash offer.


We know that you have numerous other choices when you seek a Phoenix Realtor, but David and Cecilia offer you the assurance of total satisfaction. We know that navigating the Phoenix real estate scene can be complex and confusing. Let us be your mentors in the process. It will be our pleasure to work with you!